Renzi & Associates performs commercial real estate appraisal services for a broad spectrum of clients and for many different purposes.

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Lenders and Appraisal Management Companies engage Renzi & Associates to complete appraisals in connection with loan underwriting and asset management. We also serve lenders in the capacity of out-sourced appraisal reviewers. Appraisal reports completed for lenders are FIRREA compliant and are tailored to comply with any lending institution's appraisal guidelines and specific terms of engagement.
Attorneys, Real Estate Tax Professionals, Assessing Officials, School Boards, Municipalities, and Property Owners engage Renzi & Associates to perform current and retrospective market value appraisals for use in real estate tax appeals and/or real estate tax intervener cases. Renzi & Associates also provides appraisal reviews and consulting reports to the aforementioned for the same purposes. Our reports are frequently followed by expert witness testimony. Neil J. Renzi, MAI has qualified as an expert witness before a number of judicial and pseudo-judicial hearing bodies that include, but are not limited to, Federal Court, Circuit Court, State of Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board, and various Boards of Review within the Chicago Metropolitan Area.
Attorneys also engage our firm to complete appraisals, appraisal reviews, and appraisal consulting assignments for eminent domain proceedings, divorce litigation, estate planning or settlement cases, zoning board of appeals cases, construction-related litigation, bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings, etc. Our appraisals, reviews, and consulting reports are tailored toward the specific intended use and/or venue in which they may be submitted as evidence.
Tax Attorneys and Accountants engage Renzi & Associates to provide estimates of market value as of specific statutory dates to support income tax, estate tax, or gift tax computations. Such estimates are often used to support tax computations should an IRS or state income tax audit occur.
Real Estate Investors and Advisors seeking to maximize their return on capital invested engage Renzi & Associates to perform current value appraisals of investment grade properties.
Property Owners, Partnerships, or their Accountants engage Renzi & Associates to perform valuations to support related-party transfers of property interests at market value or to enable an allocation of value to the various property components.
Developers seeking equity and debt financing based on the anticipated value and returns available from a project engage Renzi & Associates to provide investment analysis of conversion, adaptive re-use, subdivision development, and built-to-suit properties. These appraisals may include "as is," "as complete," and "as stabilized" values depending upon the project and lender's policies.
Mortgage Brokers, Property Owners, and Management Companies engage Renzi & Associates to complete appraisals for FHA/HUD related financing and rent comparability studies. We complete appraisal reports for acquisitions and proposed property rehabs. Our reports are tailored to the specific government agency's appraisal guidelines.
Tenants engage Renzi & Associates to perform market rent surveys prior to executing a lease, lease extension, or renewal option.
Property Owners engage Renzi & Associates to perform investment analyses and develop strategic action plans with respect to development, repositioning, and/or disposition of real property.
Developers and Investors engage Renzi & Associates to perform highest and best use analyses, feasibility analyses, impact studies, and many other types of consulting assignments.